Elsie (Peregrine)

Size: 600 x 600mm
Medium: Mixed on Canvas
Owner: Alan Parker Collection

This painting is a bit autobiographical as I learnt to paint in the graffiti craze in the late 80’s and always had a fascination with things that fly! My love of nature has really blossomed in Rye with some great friends who have put up with my inexperience but also help me to be confidant, become a better birder and person. Whilst visiting Battersea power station A few years back I notice a Female Peregrine perch on a worker’s bike. I pointed this out to the chap showing me around and I discovered they all called her Elsie, they became working partners as the Peregrines were always priority whilst the works are carried out with platforms being erected away from the work.

I am pleased to say this is still very much the case and the birds that were once persecuted are now protected by us humans. They can be seen regularly hunting over Rye Nature Reserve. View the link below: